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"Doc Bonecutter"

Liberty Prairie Regulators have been hosting Cowboy Action Shooting matches at the Ripon Rifle and Pistol Club since 2000. We are affiliated with the Single Action Sooting Society and follow SASS rules .

Cowboy Action Shooting is the world's fastest growing shooting sport.  Using six-shooters, lever-action rifles, and vintage shotguns, we shoot steel targets with lead bullets. The faster you shoot, the better--but misses add time to your score!

Matches are held the third Saturday of every month April-October. Sign-up starts at 8:30am with a mandatory safety meeting at 9:00am. Hearing and eye protection are required! Cost is $20.00 for members and $22.00 for non-members of RR&PC. Junior shooters aged 16 and younger are 1/2 price.

Anyone who ever dreamed of being a cowboy or cowgirl will recognize why this sport is growing so fast. Participants get to dress up as cowpokes and shoot their 6-shooters, lever action rifles, and shotguns at metal targets in a scene from the old west. You may have to shoot from an outhouse, through the bars of a jail window, from a blackjack table, or even dressed in a bonnet and apron.

Fun and safety are the two main ingredients of a Cowboy Action Shooting Match. Events are timed--the faster you shoot, the better you score. However, each target missed will add 5 seconds to your score, so the trick is to not go so fast that you begin missing targets. Your fellow posse members will be happy to give shooting tips as well as congratulations or good-natured ribbing, depending on how you do!

There are several different classes of shooters, as designated by SASS. There are classes for ladies, black powder shooters, and duelist (shooting one-handed), traditionalist (two-handed), and modern (adjustable sights) shooters. All cowpokes carry revolvers in their holsters and shoot lever action rifles (in pistol calibers) and shotguns. ALL weapons must be copies of guns made before 1910, the end of the cowboy era. (Most of our shooters acquired their gear and guns a little at a time as they've gone along--after all, it's the Cowboy Way to share and we're always happy to share with new cowboys and cowgirls!!)

C'mon out and join Doc Bonecutter, One Shot, Dirty Deeds, Triggermortise Kid, Bulldog James, and the rest of the Liberty Prairie Regulators for a fun-filled Saturday.
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